• Saving Greece's Migration History

    We are raising funds to be able to preserve the precious entry documents of Greek migrants. Your donations will help us support the International Organization for Migration in Greece and their effort to digitize the 200,000+ documents located in the basement at their Athens headquarters. Click on the image to view the video.

  • Support from Ambassador Peck

    Ambassador Robert W. Peck of Canada talks about the Save The Archives initiative. As Canada and Greece celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations, he salutes the international effort to preserve our Greek migration history.

  • Support from Ambassador Bloomfield

    Ambassador Bloomfield of Australia talks about the bold initiative to Save The Archives. Outlining the importance of such an effort, Ambassador Bloomfield was interviewed by Steve Agi of OPA! Magazine to discuss the need to preserve the Greek migration history. Click on the image to view the video.

  • We Need Your Support

    Our initiative and goal is simple - to preserve the migration documents of Greek immigrants. With thousands of entry documents of Greek migrants around the world, they are in jeopardy of being destroyed if we do not take action. Our hope is to help the International Organization of Migration to digitize these archives and help preserve our Greek heritage.

  • "Having the physical copy of my father's immigration document when he came to Australia is priceless"
    - CS, Australia

  • "My grandmother came from Trikala over 30 years ago and we just now found her entry papers into the US"
    - MK, United States

  • "We recently found the entry papers for my parents when they immigrated to Toronto in 1965 - they are framed and over my desk"
    - AP, Canada

  • "I found both documents of my parents when they immigrated to the UK. The reaction from my father when I handed these to him was remarkable"
    - GT, United Kingdom

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